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CFX5.7User November 10, 2004 15:32

radiation source-modeling people in room?
I am simulating people in theater in CFX5.7. Because of the large number, I have to simulate people using subdomain with energy source. Here is my question, suppose one person has a heat load of 100W to space (51W is radiation, the other 49W is convection). In CFX Pre, for the subdomain, should I set the energy source of 49W and radiation source of 51W, or energy source of 100W and radiation scource of 51W?

The reason I am asking is that in manual, it says the radiation source is non-thermal (Is the radiation from people non-thermal?). In the .out file, that radiation source is not involved in the energy balance calculation. Does it mean that radiation do not effect the energy balance?

What is your opinion on it?

Thanks in advance.

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