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Marco November 11, 2004 10:30

CFX 5.5 how to import?
i got a solid work 2004 file and i want to import it to the CFX 5.5 but i found that the file cannot be imported and the reason from the CFX is 'the file cant support' can anyone tell me what i need to do if i want to import that file? thanks so much

Glenn Horrocks November 11, 2004 17:34

Re: CFX 5.5 how to import?

Export the geometry from Solidworks as a parasolid. You can import Parasolids into both ICEM and DesignModeller.

Glenn Horrocks

deLuther November 12, 2004 01:19

Re: CFX 5.5 how to import?
Or IGES... but it will be not very good

marco November 13, 2004 13:49

Re: CFX 5.5 how to import?
if i want to open the solid work's file in CFX5.5 what shall i do? thanks

Glenn Horrocks November 14, 2004 17:40

Re: CFX 5.5 how to import?
Hi Marco,

You cannot open the Solidworks file directly in CFX5.5. Not possible. Have to export as a parasolid. ICEM has a Solidworks direct CAD interface, which allows you to export tin files and generate meshes directly in Solidworks. I trialled it about a year ago and frankly it was terrible so I did not purchase a license. Maybe they have improved it since then but certainly when I trialled it, it was a dog. Exporting parasolids from Solidworks is much better.

Glenn Horrocks

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