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Alex November 12, 2004 16:41

Meshing problems icem cfd 5.0
Hello all, here is my problem:

I want to mesh a gap with 5 Ám width and 25 mm length. I want 6 nodes on the 5 Ám edge and 25000 nodes on the edge with 25 mm length. When I set these values to the edges and pre-mesh, I only get the 5 Ám edge meshed. The "long" edge isn't meshed until I reduce the nodes below 1000. There I get the mesh. What is the problem, respectively how can I fix it? Thanks in advance, Alex

deLuther November 13, 2004 13:53

Re: Meshing problems icem cfd 5.0
Yes, ICEM does not support edge division more than 1000. The only way is to split your block 25 times...

Glenn Horrocks November 14, 2004 17:35

Re: Meshing problems icem cfd 5.0

It is very difficult to generate a good mesh on geometries with such a huge range of length scales - especially with tet elements. These type of geometries are generally much better meshed with hex elements as these elements can handle higher aspect ratioes. Are you using ICEM-HEXA?

Glenn Horrocks

deLuther November 15, 2004 06:07

Re: Meshing problems icem cfd 5.0
Glenn, It is problem in HEXA when you can not specify edge division more than 1000...

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