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ICEMuser November 18, 2004 06:39

how to extend mesh in ICEM5?

I have created a O-topology hexa mesh in ICEM5. It's a simple rectangular box. I now wish to extend this box (with constant cross section) further downstream. Is there any way that I can extend the mesh further downstream & use the existing geometry without having to recreate the whole block again or changing the geometry?

Thank you for help. ICEMuser

Joan November 22, 2004 20:15

Re: how to extend mesh in ICEM5?
Hello, You can probably try using the extrude face frunction from the "Creat Block". Choose the faces you want to extrude from and then key in the extension dimension you want.


deLuther November 23, 2004 01:27

Re: how to extend mesh in ICEM5?
Or, instead of using extrude face option, someone can split block and move vertices to appropriate positions - because when you extrude faces you will get new O-grid index, but in case of split and move there is no additional indices.

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