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sam November 18, 2004 09:05

Numerical scheme in CFX ?
Hi Folks:

I was interested in an incompressible flow simulation of a pump using CFX. I wanted, first, to get an idea of the general scheme used. Is it the pseudo compressibility approach of chorin or is it a simple type pressure based scheme ? I tried looking in the cfx site, but other than stressing the multigrid scheme, they dont give too many details.

In other words, some pointers to the actual scheme used in cfx would be very helpful. Thanks.


Glenn Horrocks November 18, 2004 17:25

Re: Numerical scheme in CFX ?

Neither. It is a fully coupled solver between velocity and pressure. Simple is a method of coupling the velocity and pressure equations where they are solved sequentially. The multigrid bit just refers to the way the equations after linearisation are solved (A simple based scheme can also use multigrid linear equation solvers). CFX does not use pseudo compressibility either.

The solver is discussed further in the documentation.

Glenn Horrocks

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