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Matjaz Kariz November 18, 2004 16:30

Vapour bubble integrity
Hello! Recently I have been doing some simulation on bubble climb from the bottom of the boiling pool to the surface. I have described the bubble initial shape and volume using concentration expressions (described the location shape and volume of vapour phase with step function). I use transient type of simulation so I can evaluate the bubble rise at different timesteps. A problem occured right after the first step. The bubble tends to dissolve in water phase. In Physics/ Fluid list I have selected both phases and set Bouyant Domain model/Fluid models/ I have set homogeneous standard model, Water and vapour tested both dispersed and continuous fluid, Fluid pairs set the surface tension coefficient and surface tension model...

At the beginning the bubble is seen, but after the first step... How can I achieve to keep the bubble in one piece from the bottom to the surface? Any suggestions?

Matjaz Kariz

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