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Raju Ramaiah November 24, 2004 00:01

Hi all,I have a doubt regarding the meshing activities. My doubts are as follows : 1) Apart from GRIDGEN,ICEMCFD,CAD2MESH is there any software which is compatible with CFX. 2) Can TURBOGRID be used instead of the above mentioned softwares for all applications. I heard that TURBOGRID can be used only for TURBOMACHINERY ANALYSIS(STATOR AND ROTOR, like GGI AND MFR) applications. Is it true? Please give me exact details of this.

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deLuther November 24, 2004 06:47

Re: Turbogrid
TurboGrid can only be used only for turbomachinery mesh generation(i.e. impellers, bladed diffusors) without technological features. For that case you need hub, shroud and blade curves made somewhere else (like BladeGen). Version 2.x can not support secondary blades (splitters).

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