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vladsi December 1, 2004 05:23

Is 2-d axi possible?
Good Day, everyone! I wish to ask guru: Is 2-d axi possible? And how to set up it&

Vlad S I

Ferdinand December 1, 2004 11:09

Re: Is 2-d axi possible?

CFX is only a 3D solver. If you want to compute a 2D or an axisymmetric problem, you have to solve this as a 3D problem with periodic or symmetric boundary conditions.


Robin December 1, 2004 16:55

Re: Is 2-d axi possible?
Hi Vlad,

2D is not available, but you can generate a mesh with one element in the circumferential direction and either symmetry or periodic boundary conditions on the side.

CFX-Mesh 9.0 will allow you to create a mesh like this from a revolved geometry. You can also generate a mesh like this in ICEM CFD by first creating your 2D mesh, then revolving the mesh about your axis.

Regards, Robin

Michael Bo December 6, 2004 06:40

Re: Is 2-d axi possible?
Hi Robin Does ICEM automatically manage to collapse the edge og the cells lying on the revolving axis? Or do I need to do something specific.

Robin December 7, 2004 22:31

Re: Is 2-d axi possible?
There is an option to merge the nodes at the bottom of the panel that does the revolve operation.


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