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Terri Novotny December 6, 2004 07:43

Switching from Fluent to CFX

I have been using Fluent so far and am considering switching to CFX due to the lack of a boundary condition equivalent to "opening" in CFX.

I have - to put it in simple terms - a pulsating balloon in the middle of two attached pipes with elliptic cross-sections. The position of the mesh nodes of the balloon wall are stored in text files for every time step. Further, the in/outflow velocities normal to the cross-section at the end of one of the pipes are also stored in text files for every time step. Within the text file, the velocity magnitude for each face center of the inlet/outlet face are stored. The end of the second pipe has a constant pressure prescribed.

In Fluent, I can't solve this problem due to its pulsatile nature, meaning that both in- and outflow occur at the boundary where I specify the inlet/outlet velocity. Is it possible to solve this in CFX? I'm not concerned about the "opening" boundary condition, but more about being able to specify velocities at face centers read from a file.

Thanks for your comments.

- Terri

Neale December 7, 2004 22:59

Re: Switching from Fluent to CFX
CFX-5 can only easily handle static text file velocity profile BCs at the moment.

You would have to jump through a few hoops to get transient profile BCs in a text file working. i.e. use some user fortran to read the files on the fly which is easy in serial run mode, not so easy in parallel.


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