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Carlos December 7, 2004 19:45

CFX /Fluent as CFD modeler
Hi all, I am in the proccess of assesing software for CFD modeling. I have some experience in Star CD but I have no experience on others such as CFX or Fluent. My main task will be heat transfer optimisation in vented brake discs. I've mainly got two questions:

1) easyness of usage? (among CFX, Star CD and Fluent). Considering that my budget does not cover any training.

2) Does anyone know if any of these firms may allow "student or university" releases for free or for low cost?... in return, of course, they would be able to publish any achievable good result.

3) Does any of you have experienced IDEAS as CFD modeler? (sorry about this question, but I have to do it, jus for the sake of generality).

I very much appreciate your comments (any) on this.

Carlos (research student)

Piet December 8, 2004 07:53

Re: CFX /Fluent as CFD modeler
Have a look at the statements posted here in former times and PLEASE don't ask the same question again and again.

Thank you

Glenn Horrocks December 8, 2004 16:56

Re: CFX /Fluent as CFD modeler

Piet is right, this question has been asked many times before - and there is no simple answer to it anyway. Your best bet is to contact your local CFX supplier and ask them. They are usually happy to arrange a trial of the software free of charge so you can try it out.

Glenn Horrocks

elzubier January 17, 2005 07:16

Re: CFX /Fluent as CFD modeler
how to use fluent for simulation and modelling of non newtonain laminar fluid(temp. profile, velocity profile thanks

fluent user January 18, 2005 03:06

Re: CFX /Fluent as CFD modeler
use fluent ..its easy to use ..and on fluent user forum least people reply your question matter how many times it is asked

Robin February 2, 2005 17:32

Re: CFX /Fluent as CFD modeler
Piet: REALLY, if you don't like the question, don't reply! The only dumb question is the one which isn't asked.

Carlos: I'll leave it up to others to reply regarding ease of use, etc. However, regarding pricing, I encourage you to contact your local sales rep (go to to find one). If you belong to a University and are doing research, there is a special discount available.

Regards, Robin

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