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Patrick Louis December 8, 2004 13:50

MMS data structure
Hi, I am using USER FORTRAN to delvelop some new function in CFX. But when I want to get the internal data such as mesh topology, vertex coord, I can't find where to get it. I have read the tutorial of fluid structure interaction, the junction box routine has some example. CALL PEEKCS('/USER/MESHMOVE/CZONE',CZONE,'SKIP',CRESLT,CZ) I don't know where to find the details of the directory inside MMS. The directory structure of the memeroy is good but not documented.

Thank you.

Juan Carlos December 8, 2004 15:48

Re: MMS data structure
Hi Patrick,

You did not mention what version of CFX-5 you are using. It will help others to guide you find what you are looking for or to know which facilities are available for getting such data.

CFX-5.x offers a group of interface routines or facilities to access the memory system contents by the users. The structure of the memory system is dynamic. That is, subject to change at any time without notice (even within the simulation).

It is best (as much as possible) not to use undocumented facilities since those are subject to change on each release to extend the functionality of the sofware.

If you are using CFX-5.7 or the recently released 5.7.1, there are facilities to get mesh topology information.

A directory listing facility similar to "ls -l" (UNIX) or "dir" (windows) may help you. If you want to see the contents of the directory /MY_DIR/MY_SUBDIR do as follows:




A sample listing of the contents will look like :

Directory :-


CPROP CHAR 1194833 140


TYPE CHAR 1148578 4

ALIAS CHAR 1148582 10

THPHASE CHAR 1148592 5

OPTION CHAR 1148597 16



The first entry is the name of the data area, the second the type (real, integer, character, logical, etc), the third is the location in the memory stack (not for the faint of heart) and finally the size in the memory stack.

I am sure you want to know much more, but if you explain what you need to do. A lot of people here may be able to contribute. Also, the CFX-helpdesk is there to help you.

All the best, Juan Carlos

Patrick Louis December 8, 2004 18:16

Re: MMS data structure
Thank you. It's so kind of you. I am using cfx5.7. What I am going to do is the fluid structure interaction. The mesh is deforming because of the solid boundary's deformation. With facilities to get the mesh topology, are you talking about the "USER_GET_MESHDATA" routine? I will try it and see what happends, although it only available in CEL routine not in junction box routine.

Glenn Horrocks December 9, 2004 17:32

Re: MMS data structure
Hi Patrick,

Are you aware that fluid structure interaction is already in CFX 5.7 as a beta feature, and a full version will be in 5.8 coming next year?

Glenn Horrocks

Erica December 17, 2004 06:35

Re: MMS data structure
I have the same question ,but I use the CFX5.6. There is phase change on the solid-fluid interface.I want to give a source term which is related with the solid face temperature on the contuity and energy equation.I need the cell data structure info! Give me some advice? Thanks BR

Glenn Horrocks December 19, 2004 17:35

Re: MMS data structure
Hi Erica,

Your model is quite challenging and will involve extensive development time. However I suspect it can be done with CFX 5.7 (no gaurantees with 5.6). You should contact your CFX support rep.

Glenn Horrocks

Erica December 20, 2004 04:50

Re: MMS data structure
Hi Glenn Horrocks what are the differences between 5.6 and 5.7?in my opinion ,it should save these info. it use unstructured grids, what is the facelists around a node array name

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