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Mikhail December 14, 2004 05:14

freezing multiphase
Hi all,

How i can solve this problem ? I have mix from 2 components. One component condensed gas, and the second a not condensed impurity. The impurity has less than 5 %. Condensed gas freezes on a cooled surface. How correctly to describe this process? I have applied some methods. 1 method I create a material with spasmodic change of viscosity and heat conductivity at temperature of sedimentation, using function step, for an impurity the separate material is created. In this case calculation enough not bad describes process of freezing of a component. However I not absolutely understand as in this case to take into account heat of phase change, and calculation is not so stable. 2 method I create a homogeneous binary mix (HBM) from two materials, the first material gas, the second material a firm body. I set heat of phase change in properties of gas. In this case I can not add a material describing an impurity. CFX writes " in one domain there should be only one HBM " However in this case I have received an icicle :) Probably someone knows other ways?

Picture available at 2 method 1 method

Best regards Michael

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