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Neser December 15, 2004 00:38

CFX 5.6 Built

I am using CFX5.6. In CFX built. I tried to built two solid bodies. The first one is a cylinder the scound is L tube. A part from the L tube is inside the cylinder and the other part is outside it. The problem is at the last step in CFX built (write the file) I got a mistake saying that there is overlap in the inetersectional area between the tube and the cylinder. Any one can help me in that. Is I forgot something or have to do something in this area.

intersect the cylinder and it

Anurag December 15, 2004 15:47

Re: CFX 5.6 Built
Are you using B-rep to create solids ? there should not be any interface or junction of faces. try to make 2 individual solids. select all the surfaces of cylinder and make one B-rep solid, then select all the surfaces of L tube and make another B-rep solid.

Neser December 15, 2004 23:21

Re: CFX 5.6 Built
Yes, I using B-rep. I selected all surfaces of the cylinder including the intersectional area between the cylinder and L tube and i made one b-rep. Also, I selected all the L tube surfaces and made anther B-rep.

Then I greated the mech. I selected the two solid as 3d main body. Then I selected the inlet and outlets as 2D. The problem in writing the file (the last step). The program said wronge there are overlaps in surface number 10 also there are overlape in some nodes. Surface 10 in my model is the intersectional are between the cylinder and the L tube

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