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Wenca December 17, 2004 06:19

CFX-ANSYS coupled solution

I solve dynamic fluid-structure interaction. Would you recommend me to use ANSYS-CFX coupling or ANSYS-CD_STAR one or any other?

Thanks a lot for advice


Glenn Horrocks December 19, 2004 17:30

Re: CFX-ANSYS coupled solution

I did not know ANSYS could do FEA coupling with StarCD. As ANSYS and CFX are both from the same company and a lot of development time has gone into making these two codes work together that would be my first suggestion.

Glenn Horrocks

Ribeiro December 22, 2004 13:34

Re: CFX-ANSYS coupled solution
I do agree with Glenn. The next Ansys CFX release will bring the two way FS coupling. It worths wait.



Neale December 23, 2004 22:51

Re: CFX-ANSYS coupled solution
Either way (CFX or Star), for both cases, your only current choice is the MpCCI interface. This interface works with CFX-5.7.1 but it has significant platform limitations. i.e. only works on certain old versions of Linux or IRIX or something like that. Probably Star will have similar limitations because these arose from where the MpCCI libraries were originally compiled.

Probably your safer bet, for the future, if you care, is to do a one way analysis with ANSYS 8.1 or 9.0 and CFX-5.7.1. This interface is really slick at the moment. Then, if you are motivated you can get ANSYS 9.0 and the CFX-5.8 alpha and use the latest and greatest live two-way coupling which does not use MpCCI and does not have any platform limitations.


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