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Abhishek December 24, 2004 04:26

Heat Transfer between two liquids domains
HI. I am a M.E. student at VJTI Mumbai.

I have to carry out heat transfer analysis between two fluids through a solid region using CFX . I have built a simple model in which air at high temperature flows through the outer pipe and water at low temperature is flowing through the inner copper pipe . How should I simluate these conditions so that the water gets heated by the air.

Can anyone please guide me.

PANNEERSELVAM December 24, 2004 08:57

Re: Heat Transfer between two liquids domains
hello u can do using cfx ,for that u have to create two domain ie one for fluid domain and another for solid domain, and u have to give heat transfer coefficent boundary condition, if u wantmore details , i will send u clearly

From Regional Regional Labaratory,Trivandrum

Abhishek December 25, 2004 03:31

Re: Heat Transfer between two liquids domains
Thanks. I have tried doing that using multiphase-multicomponent technique. But I was not successfull with the results that I got. Please explain briefly. Regards, Abhishek.

Abhishek December 25, 2004 04:43

Re: Heat Transfer between two liquids domains
I am getting the follwing error

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Checking for Isolated Fluid Regions | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

2 isolated fluid regions were found in domain Fluid

If the isolated regions do not have the pressure level set either by the boundary conditions or using a reference pressure equation, you may encounter severe robustness problems.

This situation may have arisen because a domain interface was not properly defined during problem setup. Please carefully check the setup.

The solver will stop now and write a results file. The isolated regions can be visualised in CFX-Post by making plots of the variable "Isolated Volumes".

If you are sure that the pressure level is set in each isolated fluid region then you can force the solver to turn off this check by setting the expert parameter "check isolated regions = f".

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