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Halim Choi December 27, 2004 02:05

CFX-5.7 Staff, Please answer this.
I want to know how to treat the inlet temperature fluctuation in the CFX-5.7 LES model. I am calculating the time dependent temperature field of triple jets (41C, 65C, 41C and the three jets have the same velocities 10m/sec, working fluid is air ). I choose the turbulent intensity 5%. Then, the calculated results have the physically unrealistic solutions which are much larger than the 65C and much less than 41C. I think the code treats the inlet temperature in KELVIN (K) and specify the inlet temperature fluctuation in terms of KELVIN. So the maximum temperature is (273+65)*1.05=355K(82C) and the minimum temperature is (273+41)*0.95=298K(25C), which are observed in the solutions. These temperatures are definitely physically unrealistic solutions. I want to specify the maximum inlet temperatures like 273+65*1.05=341K, and minimum inlet temperature like 273+41*0.95=312K. How I can do it in the CFX-5.7 LES model? I should carry out my compuatations as soon as possible. Can anyone help me ?

Best regards,

Halim Choi

KKA January 8, 2005 17:49

Re: CFX-5.7 Staff, Please answer this.
if you need specific answers from CFX then join their community. It is free!! check or and click community to join.


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