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Ali December 31, 2004 13:23

Periodic Surface in CFX-BLADEGEN
Hello every one I have measured dimension of a blade of an axial flow pump. Next, send the data to CFX-BladeGen pass Data Import menu and transfer Data Set into a BladeGen Model. Then, start BladeGenPlus by selected the button on toolbar but BG show me an error " Invalid CFX-BladeGen geometry periodic surface ordering is reverse". What is cause of an error? Ali

Gang December 31, 2004 13:38

Re: Periodic Surface in CFX-BLADEGEN
It may caused by inconsistence between measured setup and BladeGen model on rotating direction and axis of pump.

Ali December 31, 2004 18:56

Re: Periodic Surface in CFX-BLADEGEN
Hi Gang, Thanks for reply...Changing the rotation axis didn't work. Change the flow direction worked but it gave a wrong flow direction. Ali

Gang January 4, 2005 14:15

Re: Periodic Surface in CFX-BLADEGEN
When you open your BG model, is the flow direction correct in the upper left window? In other words, is the flow direction arrow pointing from inlet to outlet of domain?

Ali January 4, 2005 14:21

Re: Periodic Surface in CFX-BLADEGEN
Yes. When I made the model using BG the arrow points from inlet to outlet. When I want to transfer it BG+ I must modify the direction!! This gives wrong flow direction and names in the mesh. thank you.. and happy new year.. Ali

Gang January 5, 2005 13:00

Re: Periodic Surface in CFX-BLADEGEN
Is the blade rotating direction correct when you create BG model from measured data? For example, if flow is coming from left to right in your upper left window and pump is rotating in negative Z-direction, your blade pressure surface should face up in your upper right window. Here assume rotating axis is on Z-axis when you measure blade geometry. Another way to check whether blade orientation and rotating direction are right or not is to use animation. Once you show 3D view in your upper right window, right click mouse will bring up popup menu and select animate.

deLuther January 8, 2005 11:27

Re: Periodic Surface in CFX-BLADEGEN
Try to change span direction - sometimes this works...

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