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sanziana January 3, 2005 21:16

Hello CFX users,

I need your help in the following case:

I am trying to simulate the fire / water spray interaction. I have simulated the fire alone and the evaporation alone and works fine but i dont know how to couple this two.

In the literature it is ofen said that the fire is left for a few seconds to burn and after this the water particle tracking is activated. I don't know how to do this...

Anyway I tried to couple those two phases from the beginig creating a Domain with the fluid list made of methane air mixture and after this a tickled the particle tracking for water droplets. In this case the results show no combustion although I activated the combustion model. I have tryed many others combinations for the fluid list (the fluid in the domain) but no result...

Do you know how do i must set the Fluid Model (as a composition of what: i.e air, methane...water)? Any other sugestions are welcomed, Sanziana

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