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Anurag January 7, 2005 00:31

Error: insufficient catalogue size
Dear All,

run in solver terminated with following errors

insufficient catalogue size. current catalogue size = 20000

details of error: error detected by routine MAKDIR



Action required: increase the file catalogue size (how ?)

i am doing a transient simulation of anisotropic porous media. start of the run was ok. error occured after writting three transient files.

I dont know anything about this error. Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

Juan Carlos January 7, 2005 10:01

Re: Error: insufficient catalogue size
Dear Anurag,

If you are using the command line to start the solver, you can do as follows:

cfx5solve -size-mms 1.2 -def ....

where the 1.2 will multiply the estimated catalogue size from the solver.

If you are on the Solver Manager GUI, go to the Solver tab in the Define Run panel and add -size-mms 1.2 to the Solver Arguments entry..

I am just guessing that 20% will be enough..

Good luck, Juan Carlos

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