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Sanks January 7, 2005 13:24

CFD Jobs

I am a master's student at Drexel University and my master's research has been completely focussed on CFD. I want to make a career in CFD.

Most of the companies are looking for experienced (>5 years) CFD engineers. If CFD experts can guide neophyte like me with some tips on job search, giving some info on what type of companies to aim , it would be of great help. I am looking for job in US.



Jeff February 5, 2005 18:56

Re: CFD Jobs
Can't think of a better way to become an expert than to work for one of the experts. Check out the websites for ANSYS CFX/ Fluent / Adapco or any of the other vendors and see if they have job postings.

Good Luck! Jeff

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