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Twiti January 7, 2005 23:50

Mesh conjunction in CFX
Hi everybody,

Now I am doing simulation of a fluid mixing problem involving several pipe branches at the main tank with CFX. The mesh files of the pipes and tank have been generated separately. How can I combine all this mesh files in CFX-Pre? I know in fluent you can make use of non-conformal mesh operation, but I have no idea how can I do the same thing in CFX. Can anybody give me some kind help? Should I do that in CFX or at mesh generation stage priorly?

Glenn Horrocks January 9, 2005 18:54

Re: Mesh conjunction in CFX

If the meshes do not match at the intersection you use GGI interfaces to connect them. It's discussed in the documentation.

Glenn Horrocks

Twiti January 9, 2005 22:37

Re: Mesh conjunction in CFX
Hi Glenn,

I have read parts of GGI documentation before. In my problem, one side of the interface (a wall of the tank) is larger than the other(the junction part of a pipe). For the tank wall with a pipe, a heat flux condition has to been imposed on the remain non-overlap surface. I now try the Fluid-Fluid surface to find the answer, but if you share some of you experience that would be too nice.

Robin January 10, 2005 13:09

Re: Mesh conjunction in CFX
Hi Twiti,

Currently you cannot specify a boundary condition on the non-overlap region; the code applies a free-slip adiabatic wall. When 5.8 is released this summer, you will be able to specify any wall boundary you like.

In the meantime, you will have to edit the meshes in ICEM CFD or whatever mesh editor you have in order to create the regions.

Regards, Robin

Twiti January 10, 2005 21:35

Re: Mesh conjunction in CFX
Thanks Robin, Your explanation is very helpful.

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