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GaryWang January 9, 2005 21:07

Hi Does someone use ICEMCFD 5.0 as a mesh generator? When I finished my model in structural hex grid, I want use its output fonction to convert my grid to CFX 5.7 compatible format. But I always can not success doing that. Who can teach me how to do it ?


Twiti January 9, 2005 21:52

Re: ICEMCFD to CFX5.7.1
Hi Gary,

I am now going with ICEM5.1 and CFX5.7.1 and the hex mesh generation of ICEM works well. I don't know what you problem really is, maybe you should pay some attention to the error message. By the way, ICEM5.1 seems to be better than ICEM5.0.

GaryWang January 9, 2005 23:50

Re: ICEMCFD to CFX5.7.1
Twiti Originally, I installed ICEMCFD 5.1. But I found that ICEMCFD 5.1 can not convert its formats to some CFD solvers like CFDRC, ADINA...; it only can be transferred to ABAQUS, LS-DYNA...So, I removed ICEMCFD5.1 and install 5.0 again. In ICEMCFD 5.0, I can select different solver in "output" tag. While I have selected the solver, I do not know how to set the proper parameters in "BC" tag and "PAR" tag . Following its tutorial, there were always differences between tutorial and what I saw in my case. It's hard to keep practicing more. Anyway, Do you know the relation between the normals of surface and Hex grid formation ? Do I need to reverse each normals of surface toward the volume ?

deLuther January 11, 2005 06:53

Re: ICEMCFD to CFX5.7.1
You should modify shortcut for ICEM CFD 5.1 just add -cfd to the end of command line - it will start cfd version instead of fea (AI Environment). And everything will be OK. (or you can see shortcuts in ICEM 5.0 and modify 5.1 accordingly). Best regards.

GaryWang January 11, 2005 20:11

Re: ICEMCFD to CFX5.7.1
Thanks , deLuther .


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