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Moyo January 12, 2005 19:31

Wall Treatment
Hi, Does anyone have a reference for dealing with or eliminating wall effects in CFX5 ? Perhaps a publication or something using the progam. Thanks Moyo

Glenn Horrocks January 13, 2005 17:41

Re: Wall Treatment

Do you mean you are trying to model a far-field boundary, for instance for aerofoil modelling? The most common way of doing this is to use slip walls, and do a sensitivity study to find out how far away they need to be before they approximate to an acceptable level of accuracy a far-field boundary.

I have also heard of a colleague who calculated the inviscid flow field about her aerofoil using the panel method, and implemented that as a boundary condition in CFX4. This allows you to bring the boundaries a lot closer, however it is far more complex to implement than the simple slip wall.

Glenn Horrocks

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