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Trung January 13, 2005 04:33

How to creat a mesh to use in CFX 5.7.1 !
I'm a amateur in ANSYS. I have just used CFX 5.7.1. It's great ! I read help of it ! In CFX-Pre, I saw it import a mesh with *.gtm ! But I don't know how to creat *.gmt file ? File "gtm" include model and mesh ! How creat model and mesh ! I guest using Ansys Workbench, but I don't know how to do now ! Can you show me, or send me a sample ! In sample of CFX, they had gtm file ! hic

Twiti January 13, 2005 08:53

Re: How to creat a mesh to use in CFX 5.7.1 !
Hi Trung,

Read the help files a bit more carefully. The gtm mesh file can be generated by CFX-BUILD, which can be found in previous version of CFX. Ansys inc recommended ANSYS WorkBench or ANSYS ICEM for mesh generation. You can found both of them very useful. Of course, there are plenty of other methods to get a mesh for you CFD analysis.

Regards, Twiti

Trung January 13, 2005 21:46

Re: How to creat a mesh to use in CFX 5.7.1 !
Hi Twiti ! I sorry, I didn't read help carefully ! I know now ! But I want aks a question more ! So, How to Import gtm file into Workbench ???? In Workbench, with CFX-Mesh, I can export gtm file ! Hic, If I had a gtm file ! Can I read it in Workbench ? Thanks for reading !

Derrek January 17, 2005 19:48

Re: How to creat a mesh to use in CFX 5.7.1 !

As you stated, CFX Mesh will create the gtm file. You can run CFX in Workbench as the "Advanced CFD" module. All you need to do is install WB 9.0 and CFX 5.7.1 and the Advanced CFD icon should appear on your Start page in WB.

So to answer your question, yes you can read in a gtm file into CFX Pre as it sits in Workbench.



Trung January 18, 2005 07:33

Re: How to creat a mesh to use in CFX 5.7.1 !
Thanks Derrek ! I known Advandced CFD in WB can import from CFX 5.7.1. But when I import gtm file into WB, how can I modify it ?!?!?! I don't know ICEM CFD much, because I'm a beginner ! I know in ICEM CFD, we can creat a model, then mesh, then Solver ! In CFX-Mesh of WB, I know it's also can creat a model, can mesh ! But mesh of CFX-Mesh don't have many tool for modify as ICEM CFD ! In WB 8.1, don't have a CFX-Mesh ! It's only in WB 9.0.

So, I mean, could you give me a advice ? Should I mesh my model in ICEM CFD 5.1 or in CFX-Mesh ? Which more powerful in MESH?

Thanks for reading !

Cheer !

Trung !

mahdi57 September 8, 2010 04:32

Hi Twiti,

I wanna import ansys mesh into CFX. I can import the mesh, but I can't define the boundary conditin. Could u plz help me?

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