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James Date January 13, 2005 15:12

CFX-5.7 MPICH Parallel Problem (Output of Results)
Hi everyone,

I've been having problems with CFX-5.7 in parallel. I've installed CFX on two machines and also installed the RSH and MPICH applications. I've tested the RSH services on both machines and they are both working. The MPICH application is set up with the relevant user name and password on both machines.

I managed to get the parallel solve to run fine, however, when the run finishes solving the last few lines in the solver window are not output i.e. the run time and output directory information. Hence, the .out and .res files are never produced. I've waited 30min but the files are still not generated.

When I take a look at the processes running on the master node, one process "solver-mpichnt.exe" is still running with 100% CPU although the solution phase has finished.

Now if I kill the process through the task manager, the .out file (with out the CPU time and directory information) and .res are magically created!

Has anyone got any idea what might be going wrong with my parallel set up?

Is there some kind of communication problem going on here?



Twiti January 13, 2005 21:51

Re: CFX-5.7 MPICH Parallel Problem (Output of Resu
I am just encounting the same thing as you are. And PVM also takes a lot of time for the results file generation after the solution converged. Can anyone give me a way out? Thanks!


James Date January 14, 2005 04:40

Re: CFX-5.7 MPICH Parallel Problem (Output of Resu

I'm finding my results files are never produced even after waiting 30 mins or more. I'm sure there must be a simple answer why this is happening.


Kiddo January 14, 2005 10:29

Re: CFX-5.7 MPICH Parallel Problem (Output of Resu
I just encountered the same problem 2 days ago! It happened as I updated one machine to CFX5.7.1 and the other one was still CFX5.7. I waited more than 1 hour, still got no pop-up message window to say "finish". But It works fine after I upgrated the other one to CFX5.7.1. Maybe this is not your cases, only for reference!

James Date January 15, 2005 09:48

Re: CFX-5.7 MPICH Parallel Problem (Output of Resu
Thanks for your help

I managed to solve the problem in the end. Basically you need to make sure that both machines have the same version of CFX-5.7 installed. So if you have installed a service pack on one machine, it must also be installed on another. I made the mistake of thinking that an install from a service pack was the same as a service pack updated install of CFX-5.7.

I do, however, get an error message when it runs in parallel, does anyone know what it means and if it is anything to be worried about.

Warning! rsh to host PC2 produces the following output before the output of the command Terminal readThe handle is invalid.This may cause problems spawning parallel slaves, especially on windows.


Goutam January 31, 2005 12:43

Re: CFX-5.7 MPICH Parallel Problem (Output of Resu
We have been facing this "Terminal readThe handle is invalid error" on Windows XP service pack2 when doing rsh. Does any one know how to get rid of this? Thanks!

James Date February 4, 2005 10:57

Re: CFX-5.7 MPICH Parallel Problem (Output of Resu

Have you managed to fathom out the problem with MPICH yet; Terminal readThe handle is invalid error" ?

It only seems to happen with XP and not Windows 2000.


Reid Judd February 15, 2005 17:03

Re: CFX-5.7 MPICH Parallel Problem (Output of Resu
I'd be interested in the answer too.

If you don't want the message, you can send it to NULL (and maybe miss an important error message as well).


$rsh="rsh.exe 2> nul $(REMOTE_IPADDR) -n -l $(USERNAME)"

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