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mishar January 25, 2005 04:07

How to create and define multiple domain?
Dear Experts,

I want to simulate a double pipe heat exchanger. How do I create the geometry, i.e., the outer wall (finite thickness), annular fluid, inner wall (finite thickness) and inner fluid? Just give me a outline.



deLuther January 25, 2005 08:10

Re: How to create and define multiple domain?
What package you are using? CFX-Build,Workbench with CFX-Mesh or ICEM? (For me ICEM is more suitable, but with some CAD package).

mishar January 25, 2005 08:40

Hi deLuther,

Our organization has not renewed the license yet but it is under negotiation. Currently we have obtained license for Fluent/Gambit. So please tell me how to do it using CFX-Build.

Thanks for your time and attention.



Neser February 2, 2005 20:51

Re: CFX-Build
try to do the following: 1. greate a tube having the inner tube diameter, then make b-rep, 3d , 2d, meshing and write file.

2. Repeate step 1 with a tube have the inner diameter of annular flow (outer dia of the inner tube), with a different name

3. Repeate step 1 with a tube have the outer diameter of annular flow, with a different name

4. Go to CFX pre and import the two files in one. Therefore, you will got three domain. The 1st one for the inner tube (fluid type), 2 nd for the inner tube thickness (solid type) and the 3 rd for the annular flow (fluid type)

5. go on

I wish this could help

mishar February 3, 2005 08:31

Many thanks Mr. Neser
Many thanks Mr. Neser. I will try it. Regards.

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