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bogesz January 27, 2005 11:16

ICEM CFD 5.1 Hex-Tet mesh merging failure
one of the good features of ICEM CFD is the capability of merging Heax and Tetra meshes. My problem: in ICEM CFD 5.1 I try to merge a hexa mesh (generated with ICEM CFD 5.1) with a CFX-Mesh generated Tetra mesh but at this point the program/computer always hangs up/freezes/whatever you wanna call it.

Any ideas?

I just follow the "routine" described in the tutorial manual except that I don't generate the tet-mesh with ICEM.

I have a simple geo: a cube is connected to a cylinder, both generated with DesignModeler. for the cylinder the mesh is generated with CFX-mesh. the cube is the simplest one to have a 'Blocking' in it, and it also has a simple O-Grid, wich is important because I have to have an interface at the cube/cylinder connection. So one face of the cobe is made of a circle and the surrounding, all the other faces are squares. First I import the Tetra mesh (after generating a meaningless CFX def file from the gtm file that CFX-MEsh creates) then open the geometry of the cube, then open the blocking than load the mesh using 'load from blocking' I already have. At this point I have to click 'yes' so it merges the meshes. But I don't have one-to-one connection on the connectiong surface(interface), so 'Repair Mesh' ->'Merge meshes'-> and after selecting the part (where to merge) it hangs up.

Do I do something wrong or is it a bug/problem of ICEM or this merging is just not for that?

Any help would be appreciated, thx Bogesz

ps: we have a lot of well-meshed (tetra) models generated with Build, and some will have to be 'extended' with Hexa mesh. I have to find out, how to do it. So please don't tell me to mesh everything with ICEm CFD ;-) thx

deLuther January 29, 2005 07:46

Re: ICEM CFD 5.1 Hex-Tet mesh merging failure
Problem can be in prismatic mesh (from CFX-mesh of ICEM prism) - if you want to join tetra and hexa mesh - don`t create prismatic mesh in tetra part and small spacing near walls in hexa. Prismatic mesh must be created after joining(from my own experience) - hexa mesh will be splitted accordingly. If I created tetra with prismatic layers and tried to join it with accordingly refined hexa mesh ICEM freezed (5.0 or 5.1). But with creation of inflation layers after everything works OK.

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