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Neser January 27, 2005 12:22

CFX 5.7 pre
I want to simulat a spray drying process. I have to spray a liquid throught a nozzle to be in direct contact with a hot air.

1. In CFX 5.7 pre, Domain, fluid list, Shall I put two fluids which are the Liquid and air or three fluids which are the liquid, air and water vapour (which will evaporate from the liquid when it will be in direct contact with the hot air

2. Also, in CFX pre, Domain, the liquid, Shall I say it continous fluid (as it will dispresed into a very small droplets at the nozzle outlet) or Dispresed fluid (someone told me that CFX could not great the droplets at nozzle outlet, but how can I know the mean dismeter of the droplets)

thank you very much for your help

regards Hani

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