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Akin January 30, 2005 17:56

Is it possible to use a mesh created by Gambit in CFX ?

Derrek January 30, 2005 21:02

Re: Gambit/CFX
Yes, if you are using ICEM CFD with CFX. YOu can read the GAMBIT mesh into ICEM and write out a mesh to be read into CFX Pre.


Kiddo January 30, 2005 22:17

Re: Gambit/CFX
May I ask what the export type should be in Gambit ? Thanks!

Philipp Beierer January 31, 2005 02:36

Re: Gambit/CFX
Icem 5.1 is capable to read a Fluent mesh (.msh). As far as I know, Icem 5.0 should also have this feature (at least you can find it as a mesh import option). Unfortunately, it does not work in that version... gives you a hint how well they test their software.

Maybe another idea: Gambit can export a mesh to read into Ansys and CFX should be able to read the same type.

hope this helps, good luck!

Kiddo January 31, 2005 04:15

Re: Gambit/CFX
Yes, I try to use the Ansys format and it works. Thanks!

Amir January 31, 2005 10:31

Re: Gambit/CFX
it didn't work on my machine though as I tried ANSYS export :(

Kiddo January 31, 2005 23:12

Re: Gambit/CFX
For your reference: My Gambit version2.2.30, CFX5.7.1.

pp February 4, 2005 10:26

Re: Gambit/CFX
Export from fluent as CGNS file. Its working.

Regards, pp

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