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Andre Schlott February 1, 2005 09:06

CFX-Post exiting with return code 4

I have a CFX 5.7.1 transient simulation. The preprocessing and the calculation went through quite well.

But now I have problems with CFX-Post. When I load my transient results file and afterwards a state file to view the results its all OK. But when I try to open the Timestep 100 (because I used a steady state run as initial values, the 1st timestep is called Time step 100) CFX-Post gives the following message:

"WARNING in ReadDataBlock: amount of data available is less than expected. ERROR in LoadData: LABEL".

CFX-Post hangs up and I have to shut it down by the task manager. After the shutdown the following messages appear:

"SocketWarning! CFX-POST exited with return code 4
:socketRecv: Socket error in read: recv: connection reset comm::error: GUIInterface::waitInput - The return code from CUEProtocol is empty. Engine state was dumped to C:\[...]\dump.cst Socket::socketRecv: Socket error in read: recv: connection reset"

I haven't found anythin in the manual about return code 4 and in this forum nothing about this error.

Does anyone have similar problems and knows a solution? Opening and working with steady state files works fine.


Andre Schlott

Glenn Horrocks February 1, 2005 16:58

Re: CFX-Post exiting with return code 4

There is either a problem with your setup or your results file; or you have found a bug in CFX-Post. I would contact your support rep to discuss it in more detail.

An obvious work-around is if you want to view the initial conditions then make sure you load the results file from the initial steady state run rather than the initial condition transient results file.

If you want to make an animation using both the initial condition and the transient results file you can by scripting CFX-Post.

Glenn Horrocks

Andre Schlott February 2, 2005 09:41

Re: CFX-Post exiting with return code 4

I think I got the error: I have 3 memory failures when testing it with the memtest of Knoppix 3.7. Maybe CFX uses one of this 3 memory addresses and so the errors are caused.

I will keep you informed, wheter a memory replacement helps.

Andre Schlott

Andre Schlott February 10, 2005 07:08

Re: CFX-Post exiting with return code 4

my problem seems to be solved. I had an memory failure so CFX could not read the result file correctly. Memtest86+ (Knoppix 3.7) found about 5 memory positions, which were damaged. After replacing the memory chips with new ones, CFX 5.7.1 works well for about 3 days under some stress.

Regards Andre Schlott

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