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Pete February 1, 2005 19:08

RNG ke model & Yplus value

I can't find the Yplus parameter in the output variable lists under output control (option:selected variable) when I choose RNG ke model. Anyone know the reason? Thanks, pete

Pete February 8, 2005 23:01

Re: RNG ke model & Yplus value

I wonder if it's only me that can't find Yplus value when choosing RNG ke as turbulence model. Does wall function work with RNG ke model? Can anyone here please give me some clue? I changed the RNG ke to standard ke model in the CFX-pre & Yplus variable appeared on the list again. I just need a reason for this... Please let me know if possible. Many Thanks, Pete

dd.nvs February 16, 2005 02:11

Re: RNG ke model & Yplus value
Hi Avoid the RNG model, especially on twisted grid or based on tetrahedral elements. It leads to false results. dd.nvs

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