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Babu February 10, 2005 06:15

import mesh in CFX

I imported a mesh from MSC-Patran to CFX, it is creating extra zones. I have only some defined groups in Patran and I expect all of them to convert into zones so that I can build boundary conditions on it. Instead the program is creating extra zones wherever there is some sharp edges (or) bends. I tried with tolerance still it does not work. Can any one help me regrading.

When I tried importing a very simple HEX mesh build from a cube, it failed and has not shown any zones at all. surprising...

Need help.

Thanks in advance. Babu

Glenn Horrocks February 10, 2005 17:28

Re: import mesh in CFX

One potential problem with importing meshes from patran is that the 3D volume elements are in the same family as the 2D face elements. I understand this confuses CFX-Pre.

I have found the best way to process a patran mesh so that it can be used in CFX-Pre is to import the mesh into ICEM (using patran/neutral file format) and edit the mesh so the volume elements and the face elements are in different families. Then CFX-Pre imports to mesh fine.

Glenn Horrocks

deLuther February 11, 2005 05:58

Re: import mesh in CFX
To import from PATRAN you must have have group of elements(volume i.e. tetra and hexa) for each 3D region and have group of nodes for each 2D region. Try it. But as I remember can be problems with hexas. But still try this aproach.

Babu February 11, 2005 06:26

Re: import mesh in CFX
Glenn Horrocks,

Thanks for your response.

Today I tired importing it to ICEM (with patran neutral file format) it doesnot imported any families into it. The family box was shown empty. When I imported the same in CFX it has created only 5 zones out of some 25 groups that I have created in Patran.

To list the process I followed; I generated TET4 (3D) mesh from a QUAD (2D) surface mesh. I stored few portions of the 2D mesh into seperate groups and tried it import them to create zones/families in CFD softwares.

When I tried with one more model it has imported all groups as zones but created me some extra zones say with some extension *INLET_A, *WALL1_A, INLET_001. These extra zones have all 3D element faces (inlcuding inner face) at corner & bends.

If you (or) anyone get some ideas please let me know Thanks.

Babu February 11, 2005 06:36

Re: import mesh in CFX


Yes I followed the same method. When the surface is having sharp cuts and bends they are not getting impoted fully instead it is breaking it into tow sub-zones.

I can not club them together into one zone with some interior surface defined with some zone name? Isn't it.

Regards Babu

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