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James Date February 11, 2005 10:21

CFX -5.7.1 Intermittent Licensing Problems
Has anyone come across the following problem with the new version of CFX-5.7.1.

Basically, i have three identical files which i am trying to solve using a batch run.

Now each of the runs is identical apart from one value in the def file. However, when i come to run the files only one will run, with the others flagging up the following error.

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | ERROR #001100247 has occurred in subroutine . | | Message: | | | | The solver is unable to continue because of licensing problems. | | | | The following license key could not be checked out: | | | | CFX-5-SOLVER | | | | Please carefully examine the error message output above and check | | that: | | | | 1) "License path" points to the proper license file. | | | | 2) If the path points to the proper file, that the license key | | feature exists in that license file. | | | | 3) The license server daemon is up and running. | | | | These problems can be checked using the CFX license manager. For | | further troubleshooting information please consult the section on | | setting up licensing in the CFX-5 installation manual. | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Now i know that no one else has checked out the license so why sould i be getting this error for one run and not another?

Regards James

deLuther February 13, 2005 14:34

Re: CFX -5.7.1 Intermittent Licensing Problems
What OS you using? Similar Problems I had in Linux with batch file with background jobs...

James Date February 13, 2005 15:16

Re: CFX -5.7.1 Intermittent Licensing Problems
I'm using Windows 2000. The problem has only started since installing the new version of CFX.

I'm still having the same problems. I'm finding that without making any changes to the def file, it seems to be pot luck whether CFX will start solving! One minute it will the next its says it can't find the solver license.

I've asked ANSYS about the problem and as yet I've not had a response!

I basically I can't run any batch jobs with confidence now, as i'm not sure if they'll ever start!


deLuther February 14, 2005 06:23

Re: CFX -5.7.1 Intermittent Licensing Problems
We did not have such problems with 5.7.1. Batch jobs are running normally. Try to see when one job is ended that another job not starting... i.e. that previous job freed its license before next job.

James Date February 14, 2005 07:22

Re: CFX -5.7.1 Intermittent Licensing Problems

I've checked with regard to the license being freed up. I've found it to be free and it will run for one def file and not for another. This is really strange!


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