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chidu February 15, 2005 13:56

icem to cfx

I know this has been answered before and I have read all the emails in this forum. But I still not able to import a simple mesh from icem to cfx5.7.1.

I save it in ICEM for CFX5 and when I read it in CFX5.7.1 I choose the mesh format as ICEM CFD! This is a 2D mesh and I get the following error message...

ERROR There was a problem importing the mesh from the requested file. The importing process reported the following problem:

Unable to import mesh: No 3D elements imported.

Any help would be great!

James Date February 15, 2005 15:49

Re: icem to cfx
You need to extrude the 2D mesh into the third dimension, since CFX really needs a 3D mesh to do a 2D simulation. Just make it one cell thick and that should do the trick.


chidu February 16, 2005 05:55

Re: icem to cfx
Thanks James!

Is it possible to extrude just the mesh? Without touching the geometry and the blocking?

I tried extruding the block and then I guess it needs quite a bit of more work, for a ICEM novice, i.e.


deLuther February 16, 2005 11:00

Re: icem to cfx
Yes it is possible. Use extrude mesh from meshing menu(you also need to launch ICEM CFD or AI environment version not CFX of ICEM...but for 5.1 AI Environment is default). Don`t forget to define side regions in other families... Good luck.

James Date February 16, 2005 19:06

Re: icem to cfx
Yeah, deLuther is right, just extude the 2D mesh. But make sure the curves are given family names; these will then represent the extruded face boundary conditions in the third dimension. I'm not a 100% sure, but i think you need to make sure that you only extrude the lines and shells into the third dimension, but you'll need to check the manual.


Charles February 17, 2005 03:01

Re: icem to cfx
mmmm. Manuel doesn't help you much here. For CFX, build a 2D mesh, making sure that the edges are in appropriate families (such as FARFIELD, OUTLET, WINGSURFACE) and the 2D face mesh is in a different family (say SYMMETRY1). Then extrude the face and edge meshes with the prism mesh command (probably in the z-direction) for 1 unit. Specify a new family (say FLOWFIELD) for the volume mesh, inherit the side mesh names and give a new name (SYMMETRY2) to the top. Export as CFX5 and pull into CFD-Pre as ICEM mesh. Works fine, but a pain compared to those codes that have true 2D solvers available.

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