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Alex February 18, 2005 11:27

fluid solid interface
Good morning I'm new about cfx 5.7 and I'd like to know as follow: I'm dooing a buoyant flow (turbolent) simulation with CHT and I have a bricks wall with left face in contact with air at T1 and rigth face in contact with air at T2. My problem is how to set boundary conditions at the interface.I suppose that I have to set a boundary condition for the air face (e.g. the left one)in contact with the wall and another boundary condition for the wall face ( the same left one )in contact with the air. In other words I have to set B.C. for the two side of the interface. Anyone can please say me how to do this? I tryed to use the "heat transfer coeff." for the air side of the interface (setting T=T1 and the heat transfer coeff.) and "fixed temp." for the wall side of the same interface (setting the T as areaAve(T)@"interface")but it doesn't work. Thanks

Robin February 18, 2005 21:55

Re: fluid solid interface
Hi Alex,

You don't set any boundary conditions. If the meshes are unmatched at the surface, simply define a fluid-solid domain interface. If there is a 1:1 connection, CFX-Pre will automatically insert an interface for you. The fluid-solid interface automatically transfers heat from the fluid to the solid, the heat transfer coefficient being an implicit property of the fluid flow next to the wall.

Regards, Robin

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