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Fredrick February 20, 2005 12:19

Error in CFX Solver - reg
Hello Everybody, The following error message was shown and the solver failed. A CIRCULAR DEPENDENCY WAS DETECTED DURING GRADIENT EXTRAPOLATION Geometry and mesh details are like this: A perforated plate(plate with say 50 holes) of minimal thickness is placed in between the long duct to restrict the flow(flow is through this holes). A '0' mm thickness strip is attached to this plate to deflect the flow( to act as a wall in simulation) I created the mesh for this geometry in ICEM(HEXA) and imported to CFX,skew is less than 10 deg. After defining the physics when it is take to the solver the above error message is encountered. Note: On one sidee of the perforated plate this 0 mm thick strip is attached.

Thanks a lot Regards Fredrick

Fung March 5, 2005 02:41

Re: Error in CFX Solver - reg
i want to know if you can find the solution or not because i got the same error message. thanks

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