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Atit Koonsrisuk February 23, 2005 13:44

Flow power computation
After computation complete, I use 'expression' in CFX-POST to output the static enthalpy of the flow. I have questions as follows: 1. I read from CEL manual, there is the variable named 'total enthalpy', but I do not know how to output it in 'command editor'. I already try htot, total enthalpy, Total enthalpy, Total Enthalpy. They all do not work. I also can't find 'total enthalpy' in the 'function calculator'. 2. I compute the flow power by computing the product of Absolute pressure and mass flow rate divided by rho. This value is about 10 times of the product of enthalpy and mass flow rate. This is not OK to me. Why flow power is higher than enthalpy? I already specify temperature at 308K at the flow inlet. So the internal energy is positive sure. Could someone tell me how to compute the flow power and the internal energy from the result in CFX-Post please? Thank you for your kind consideration.


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