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Vu Trinh Tuan March 2, 2005 23:25

ICEM CFD use for ?
I wonder : ICEM CFD only use for meshing ? In Ansys website, they said : "From CAD to mesh generation for analysis, ANSYS ICEM CFD provides sophisticated geometry acquisition, mesh generation, post-processing, and mesh optimization tools. ANSYS ICEM CFD is the only Universal pre-processor for analysis including FEA, CFD and other CAE applications such as particle transport and computational electro-magnetics" So, it's mean, if I have a problem in CFD, first, I generate mesh in ICEM CFD, then, I using CFX to solver my problem ?!?!? I know we can solver in ICEM, but it's seem not important, it's usually using CFX to solver ?

Regards, Vu

w0er March 3, 2005 07:45

Re: ICEM CFD use for ?
There has CART3D---for Analysis, visual 3p---for post-proccessing in ICEMCFD code.

Glenn Horrocks March 3, 2005 16:49

Re: ICEM CFD use for ?

I don't quite understand your question, but I think what you are saying is correct. ICEM CFD's main strength is in mesh generation, and CFX can use those meshes to perform the CFD simulation. ICEM can also generate meshes for FEA or any other package that requires meshes. ICEM CFD apparently also has post-processing tools but I have never used it.

Glenn Horrocks

Vu Trinh Tuan March 3, 2005 23:07

Re: ICEM CFD use for ?
what about CFX-Mesh in Ansys Workbench ! It can mesh, but it has poor choice, so I think it's better to use ICEM CFD ? ok ? Do we have two ways to generate a mesh in Ansys, ICEM CFD and CFX-Mesh ? Is there another way ? If we have a complicated model, should we use ICEM CFD ? thanks for reading ! best regards !

Jeff March 4, 2005 10:57

Re: ICEM CFD use for ?
Well.....a little history.

CFX was bought by ANSYS in February of '03. ANSYS already owned ICEM. The primary CFX preprocessor at the time was CFX-Build (based on MSC-Patran). ANSYS made a mad dash to get out of that arrangement after the sale of CFX.

So, ICEM-CFD was incorporated into ANSYS Workbench, in order to provide an ANSYS pre-processor for CFX. Thus CFX-Mesh was born (or CAD2Mesh as it was called).

That said, under the hood, CFX-Mesh "is" ICEM-CFD with a modified interface. You can used the CFX branded tools, including the ansys solid modeler, or you can use standard ICEM-CFD and get your solid model from somewhere else (and write out grids for other solvers).

Yes, ICEM does have a post-processor called Visual3, although I have not used it.

ICEM does NOT have a solver (that I know of). They simply pre- and post-process for just about every other solver out there. There are some basic geometry tools in ICEM-CFD (and CFX-Mesh) but you'll probably want to bring your geometry in from Design Modeler or some other CAD package.

Keep in mind however that CFX & ICEM products are now all ANSYS products, most of which are being integrated into the ANSYS Workbench suite.

Your best bet is to go spend half a day on the ANSYS web site.

Harendra March 5, 2005 22:14

ICEM-CFD ..incorporated into ANSYS Workbench
I heard that CFX-Mesh is based on CFX-BUILD's mesing capabilities. It seems very strange as the same ICEM CFD product ANSYS is selling as independent product and also as a integrated product inside Ansys Workbench. Would you please reconfirm this?

w0er March 6, 2005 00:19

Re: ICEM-CFD ..incorporated into ANSYS Workbench
I agree with Jeff said,and I myself now just use ICEMCFD(old gui),Before i used icem I always use CFX-build only in CFX5.6 and before... regards w0er

Glenn Horrocks March 6, 2005 16:46

Re: ICEM-CFD ..incorporated into ANSYS Workbench

CFX-Build was based on MSC.Patran, but did not use the Patran meshing tools. Instead, a set of meshing tools specifically designed to do CFD meshes with inflation layers was written by AEA, the then owners of CFX (I assume in PCL or whatever that Patran programming language is).

After the merger with ANSYS, the meshing utility written for Patran was ported across to ANSYS Workbench to give CFX-Mesh. Thus when you generate meshes inside CFX-Mesh you are using the same fundamental meshing technology as CFX-Build. ICEM (or the "advanced mesher" in the Workbench) uses a completely different technique (Octree - read the documentation), and as Jeff says is based on the stand-alone ICEM meshing package.

Glenn Horrocks

Harendra March 6, 2005 23:51

Is ICEM CFD redundant for meshing if I have WB?
Dear Glenn Horrocks,

I understand that CFX-Mesh is basically a regeneration of CFX-BUILD. But I am still a little confused about Advanced meshing in WB and ICEM CFD. Are you saying that Advanced meshing in WB and ICEM CFD are basically the same? If I have Workbench, then is ICEM CFD redundant for meshing puspose? Or if my only purpose is meshing, which one is more convenient, WB or ICEMCFD?



Jeff March 7, 2005 02:16

Re: Is ICEM CFD redundant for meshing if I have WB
Ansys workbench is just the front end on these products. CFX-Mesh (latest version) uses both the mesher from Build (Delauney) as well as the Octree mesher from ICEM. You get the best of both worlds, but limit writing grids to only CFX.


albatrossmechanic August 4, 2010 08:34

ICEM tutorial
hi every body could anybody possibly send me ICEM 12 or 12.1 tutorial?Please help me I can't find it to download free!:confused:
my email

Lance August 4, 2010 09:04

There's a "Introduction to ANSYS ICEM CFD" and a bunch of animated tutorials available on the Ansys customer portal.

Selvakumar November 3, 2010 18:54

Hi. I have to generate a Hybrid mesh around a 2D airfoil (with blunt trailing edge). And the mesh has to be compatible with LES simulation for a particular Reynolds (in the region of turbulence) number. Can anybody suggest how I can do these things (dealing with blunt TE, Hybrid mesh compatible for LES) in ANSYS ICEM CFD? Thank you.

Kevin De Smet April 11, 2011 14:38

Pardon me cracking this older thread up, but I am curious as to why it is called ICEM CFD. Considering I associate ICEM with ICEM Surf the class-a direct modeling software. Was ICEM CFD used for automotive exterior body analyses at one time or is the name pure coincidence?

ghorrocks April 11, 2011 18:38

ICEM was meshing software developed by a company which was purchased by ANSYS a few years back. ICEM is extensively used in the automotive sector (I used to use it when I worked in automotive) as it is excellent at handling large meshes with complex CAD geometries.

I do not know anything about ICEM Surf. From their website it looks like a totally separate company. I think the ICEM mesher was a US company, ICEM Surf looks German.

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