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Joao Bettencourt March 7, 2005 10:38

ICEM 5.1 Problem
Hi all,

I have this strange problem in icem cfd 5.1 that since yesterday i cannot see any curves or points in my model, even if they are turned in in the display tree. Tha strange thing is that this happened from one day to another...

Also, I'd like to ask you if you have any idea of the minimum acceptable memory and cpu speed for running CFX 5.7.1 on a stand alone windows machine. And a good graphics card for pre and post processing? I currently have onboard graphics and I think that this might be the problem.

Thank You


Glenn Horrocks March 7, 2005 17:34

Re: ICEM 5.1 Problem

ICEM sometimes goes a bit strange. In that case, save your work, close it and open it again and often it is up and running again.

The minimum requirements for CFX are discussed in the documentation (256MB RAM I think it says), however this amount of memory will not let you run anything much bigger than the example problems. The amount of memory required depends on the type of simulation you wish to do.

There is effectively no minimum CPU spec. The documentation says even a humble Pentium (the first generation one) will run CFX. Of course you will have to be very patient in getting results with a Pentium as it is going to be very slow.

Glenn Horrocks

Joao Bettencourt March 8, 2005 07:13

Re: ICEM 5.1 Problem
Ok. Thanks Glenn. And what about graphics card? I have a problem in Post, where I can't see the streamlines unless I draw them as tubes or ribbons. I read somewhere in this forum or at CFX's Community forum that this was probably due to graphics card capacity. Is this correct?

Joaa Bettencourt

Glenn Horrocks March 8, 2005 17:11

Re: ICEM 5.1 Problem

There is a list of recommended graphics cards in the documentation. Check to see if your card is supported.

Glenn Horrocks

deLuther March 10, 2005 09:53

Re: ICEM 5.1 Problem
For ICEM I recomend to try ICEM_NO_OVERLAY=1 environment variable. In my case it helps. Just turn off overlay usage - because support of overlay in OpenGL can be poor on some cards - only professional cards have good support for it.(with not so much exceptions). See 6.1 of ICEM 5.1 release guide.

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