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Jeff March 12, 2005 02:10

Specific AV in Multiphase
I need a specific AV (kg/kg) in only one of my phases. Pre lets me set the AV in only one phase if it is volumetric, but forces a homogeneous option if it is specific.

a. I'm not sure what the transport equation looks like for this homogeneous option (which phase is convecting the AV, or both?)

b. I'm not sure if I can set it up as volumetric, with the AV in only one phase, and then modify the CCL to make the AV specific after Pre has written it out.

Anybody run into this? Tech support has been two weeks without an answer....


Phil March 15, 2005 14:03

Re: Specific AV in Multiphase
Homogeneous AVs are convected by the mixture velocity.

You should have no trouble setting a specific AV in a particular phase though. When defining the physics for your domain, leave the Additional Variable unset on the 'Fluid Models' tab. You can then set it on the fluid tab for the fluid in which you want to activate it.


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