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Claudia March 17, 2005 05:41

CFX-5.7.1 MPICH distr. parall. + user routines
Hi, I'm trying to start a run in mpich distributed parallel (windows) which includes a user subroutine and a junction box routine for particel injection. Everytime an error occures an look like this:

An error has occurred in subroutine ErrAction Unable to find library winnt/hollow_cone_distribution_HK.dll on path "c:/programme/Ansys Inc/CFX/shared/"

If i start the CFX-run in PVM-distributet parallel mode everything is right. But when i add a second computer with two more partitions the error occurs.



Jeff March 18, 2005 11:22

Re: CFX-5.7.1 MPICH distr. parall. + user routines

It looks like some of the partitions can't find your user routine (assuming your routine is the hollow_cone_distribution_HK.dll in the message). Each partition (CPU/machine) has to be able to see the file. If you're storing it on C: drive of the master machine, then the other machines can't find it. You have two choices:

1. Copy the dll to the "exact" same location on every machine, or 2. Put the files on a network drive to which all machines have access through the same drive letter (i.e. T:/CFX/FORTRAN)

This should sort it out.


Claudia March 18, 2005 12:39

Re: CFX-5.7.1 MPICH distr. parall. + user routines

that's right. Thank you. I detected that i had to change something in the cfx5mkext.cll so that the user.dll could work with mpi. With all changes together it works.


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