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Raul March 18, 2005 08:53

Multiresolution + Turbulence + Combustion
For those interesting in implemented the multiresolution approach, wavelets, etc in turbulent flows and the possibility to extend it to combustion, a 100-pages MSc thesis has been written by Raul MACHADO Garcia, which includes 146 references. Many ideas and open issues are left for further work since the author has moved to other research areas. Several several hard copies have been sent for further distribution to ITM, RWTH-Aachen, Germany, where the combustion part of the thesis was done. The address is:

The abstract and contents of the thesis is given below:

The aim of this work is to i) insert some multiresolution properties in the premixed turbulent combustion context ii) indicate the advantage of the multiresolution in the study of turbulence, its possible extension to combustion and to level-set and G-equation, iii) explain the importance of the eigenvalue problem in combustion, iv) aboard the significance of strongly corrugated flame front in the study of flame front dynamics, v) recognize the Willems model as a particular case of the Speziale model in the multiresolution perspective, vi) derivate and implement the filtered G-equation based on the level-set formulation, vii) give a glimpse on the Fast Marching Method for the G-equation, viii) run and show the results of a 3D vessel case using Very Large Eddy Simulation (VLES), ix) give the closure needed in the model of the equation for the flame surface area ratio using VLES, x) point out some algorithms with the potential of decreasing the computational costs in GMTEC (General Motors CFD code) as well as other similar unstructured CFD (combustion) codes.

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