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noName March 21, 2005 12:54

Getting started with CFX

I am want to solve a case for the flow across a square cylinder, and I'm just starting with CFX. This shall be an unsteady LES calculation. How can I output the drag and lift (due to pressure & shear) on the cylinder at each time step?

What's the easiest way of doing this?


Glenn Horrocks March 21, 2005 17:27

Re: Getting started with CFX

You are attempting a LES simulation and you are new to CFX? That does not sound wise. LES simulations are not straight-forward. I would recommend only attempting an LES simulation when you are experienced with CFX and CFD in general.

But to answer your question, you can output your lift and drag on each timestep by creating monitor points outputting a CEL expression. You can calculate overall forces on surfaces using the force_x()@surface family of functions.

Glenn Horrocks

noName March 21, 2005 17:57

Re: Getting started with CFX
Thanks for your inputs Glenn.

I am not new to CFD or LES, just new to the CFX software. Will this "force_x()@surface family of functions" give me an integral value over the surface? Or will it give a local value for the force?

Thanks in advance!

deLuther March 22, 2005 15:32

Re: Getting started with CFX
force_x() give integral value. See documentation. Then you can create variable and monitor it...

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