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Alan March 23, 2005 23:05

Urgent plotting problem in Post...Please help.

I've plotted a 2D pressure contour on an inclined plane. How can I set it such that the view is normal to the plane? I try very hard to rotate it manually but still can't get it exactly right.

Besides, I've some experimental data on the same plane. I currently plot it using Techplot. How can I plot the CFX results and experimental data on the same plane (with same viewing angle & zooming size). Post will export 3D geometry info (x,y,z) if I remember correctly but I only need 2D dimension for the inclined plane. Does anyone know the formula to transform these 3D coordinate into the 2D coordinate.

I urgently need to get this done to show to my boss. Please kindly help me.... Thanks a lot. Alan

Glenn Horrocks March 28, 2005 18:46

Re: Urgent plotting problem in Post...Please help.

1) There is no simple way to rotate the view as you describe (that I know of anyway!). The best I can recommend if you need to get the roation exact is you could use a CFX-Post session script to rotate the view. Record a short session and edit the numbers to give the view you want.

2) That sounds like fairly simple maths to me. I'll leave you to that one as there are many ways of mapping 3D points to a 2D plane and it is up to you which method is best for your data.

There is also a function in cfx5interp where it can difference CFX5 results files and arbitrary point data (eg from an experiment). Have a look in the documentation under cfx5interp.

Glenn Horrocks

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