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Anurag March 24, 2005 19:55

Charts for transient simulation
I am doing a transient simulation in which fluid is injected into the domain from a point source. i want to create charts of spatial and temporal concentration of the injected fluid i.e. concentration at different points at a given time and concentration at a point for different time steps.

right now i am creating a point and calculating local concentration at that point at different time steps. this takes too much time as the total time of simulation is very high & i have to calculate at many different points also.

please help me with a simple method. thanks.


Jeff March 26, 2005 17:55

Re: Charts for transient simulation
The easiest method is by placing monitor points in domain before you run the problem. You simply specify the xyz location and which variables your want monitored. These points are then plotted in your solver manager window and you can dump each plot to an excel .csv file for better plot control.

If your solution is already run, use the power syntax in the Post CCL to loop through each file and dump out the variables at specific points.


liumalin March 28, 2005 12:09

Re: Charts for transient simulation
you can calculate "concentration at different points at a given time "and "concentration at a point for different time steps" in one simulation ,use the UDF(user-defined fortran) to set some conditions.

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