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Thomas March 27, 2005 13:16

Second derivative
Hi cfx users,

Still don't manage to calculate d2u/dx2, which is equal to Velocity u.Gradient x.Gradient x Someone to help me?? Thanks,


liumalin March 28, 2005 12:02

Re: Second derivative
can you explain you problem more detailed? calculate d2u/dx2 in the CFX-UDF? or in other place?

Thomas March 28, 2005 13:38

Re: Second derivative
Hey. I would like to calculate it with a Fortran routine and the command user_getvar. With that I'm able to obtain the gradient: so just velocity u.gradient.gradient (and not velocity u.gradient x.gradient x!!)... as I cannot use the variable created in cfx-post: velocity u.gradient x. Do you have any suggestion to calculate d2u/dx2?? It doesn't matter how. Thanks

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