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ashish April 6, 2005 06:50

ICEM 5.1 to CFX Prism Element
Hi all, I have a query regarding ICEM 5.1. I created a 2-D mesh Tri-Mesh on one face of 3-D geometry. I want to extrude that elements in 3-D. I used extrude command to do it. Now when i transfer mesh to CFX it says it cannot transfer because of no volume element defined in 3-D region. I want 2-D mesh extruded in 3-D or form a prism element. I dont know how to make prism and assign the boundary conditions again. Please help. many thanks, ashish

Glenn Horrocks April 6, 2005 18:32

Re: ICEM 5.1 to CFX Prism Element

To generate 2D extruded meshes for CFX5 in ICEM 5.1, you need to:

1) Generate a surface mesh on the face you wish to extrude. If you have had to generate this mesh from the surface mesh on a 3D body then delete the meshes on the other surfaces. Also make sure you delete the volume elements, if you have any.

2) Extrude the elements by either a translation or rotation. Put the volume elements, side elements and top elements in different families.

3) Manually put the side elements in new families for your boundary patches.

Glenn Horrocks

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