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ousegui April 8, 2005 10:08

adaptive time
Hello Does anybody used a subroutine to calculate adaptive time, which could help me thank you

Glenn Horrocks April 10, 2005 18:38

Re: adaptive time

The next verion, CFX 10 (They are not calling it CFX 5.8 because they want the numbering to be the same as the ANSYS FEA code) which is currently in beta testing includes adaptive time steps which you can set from CFX-Pre. If you contact CFX support they may be able to give you the beta version to try it out.

regards, Glenn Horrocks

Jeff April 10, 2005 22:53

Re: adaptive time
At the end of the Solver Modeling online manual, under User Fortran, there is an axample code for adaptive time stepping. It's pretty straight forward.


ousegui April 11, 2005 04:14

Re: adaptive time
I found the subroutine thank you

ousegui April 11, 2005 10:04

Re: adaptive time
Hi have you already use this subroutine. I have some difficulties to use it

Jeff April 11, 2005 22:37

Re: adaptive time
You need to be more specific...

Does it compile? Does it link? Does it get called from the solver?


ousegui April 12, 2005 02:31

Re: adaptive time
it compile using cfx5mkext but the solver did not work. always an error message even i verify the library path and ....:

ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. Message: Unknown user routine User tstepcontrol.

ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. Message: USER ROUTINE: User tstepcontrol could not be loaded. Please check the Library Path, Library Name and Calling Name. For FORTRAN user routines, the Calling Name should be in lower case.

ousegui April 18, 2005 09:31

Re: adaptive time
have you any idea?

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