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Larvanymph April 11, 2005 08:46

ICEM->Update sizes & Recompute ?
Hi all, In ICEM_CFD.CFX > Blocking > Pre-mesh params, there're functions - update all , Keep distribution and Keep Counts, and I understand their meaning. But I'm just comfused with the Recompute function(in the advanced selection of Pre-Mesh in tree). When should I need to do the Recompute? When should I need to do the Update? Thanks in advance !

deLuther April 11, 2005 15:16

Re: ICEM->Update sizes & Recompute ?
Recompute function in tree needed when you change parameters for individual edges or meshing settings(type of unstructured meshes for example, tolerance near wall). And need to update your mesh. It is different story than update.

Larvanymph April 11, 2005 19:05

Re: ICEM->Update sizes & Recompute ?
Hi deLuther, Thanks for response. But I'm still not very clear about it. For example, I change the nodes number from 9 to 21 on an edge, and then do either option a or b, it will get the same result. option a: "Recompute" in tree > Mesh (Load from blocking) and replace option b: "Update sizes" > "Keep Counts" > Mesh (Load from blocking) and replace

Does "Recompute" include the function of "Update sizes" or just "Update sizes" provides more option for user than Recompute? Thanks --L.N.

deLuther April 12, 2005 04:37

Re: ICEM->Update sizes & Recompute ?
I think that "Update size" you need at first steps after building of topology - to introduce initial edge parameters distribution from geometry sizes. If you fine tune edge parameters closer to the end of mesh process, than using Update size can lead (sometimes) to catastrophic results. If you chose Update sizes->Keep counts, than if geometry parameters was changed you can get other distribution (keeping desired counts). Like, say, tube geometry - you set new sizes on surfaces, including height,than mesh (with keep counts) closer to the ends will be denser(at side surface). And elements at middle will be longer than desired. So I use update sizes on initial steps of meshing, when I change geometry and trying to adopt blocking to that geometry.

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