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Robin April 14, 2005 09:56

Porous Flow and Data CFX 4.4

Some question regarding porous media in CFX 4.4

(1) To write out data using USRTRN, is the normal syntax still valid. For example, if I wanted to write out TEMP values in SOLCON I would just state WRITE (90, *) T(INODE,IPHASE). SO similarly, is this valid for the porous region as long as the region of interest has been specified in the 'write' section of the USRTRN (i.e. the porous region)

(2) An annulus cylinder, where inner cylinder is non-porous and the outer region is porous. If I wanted to say that SCAL 2 is only to operate in porous region, is this possible? If so, any hints?

Many Thanks,

Hopefully my questions make some sense...


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